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Chronological index of all texts riff-raff have published (or co-published). Texts marked with an asterisk (*) are written by riff-raff or people from riff-raff. Perhaps we do not need to point out that virtually all texts are published in Swedish; this index is mostly for reference, even though some of our texts have been translated into English and other languages.

riff-raff No. 1 (January 2002)

Editorial *
Same Old Capitalism: An Introduction *
Curtis Price: Fragile Prosperity? Fragile Social Peace?
Cornelius Castoriadis: What Really Matters
Contradictions in the Welfare State *

riff-raff No. 2 (autumn 2002)

Editorial *
El Argentinazo: The December-Uprising 2001 *
Preface to ‘From Cellatex to Moulinex’ *
Henri Simon: From Cellatex to Moulinex: Burst Up of an Open Social Violence
Steve Wright: The Limits of Negri’s Class Analysis: Italian Autonomist Theory in the Seventies
How To Understand the World: A Review of Empire *
No Logo—No Class *
The Autonomous Movement: A Discussion *
Communiqué from the Italian CRAC on the Murder of Biagi

riff-raff No. 3-4 (winter-spring 2003)

Editorial *
Kolinko: Class Composition
Work Organization and Workers’ Autonomy in a Warehouse: An Introduction to the Militant Inquiry as a Method *
Hamburgers vs Value *
Loren Goldner: Preface to the Swedish edition of ‘Communism is the Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today’
Loren Goldner: Communism is the Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today
Class, War and the New World Order: Part I *
Aufheben: Behind the 21st Century Intifada

riff-raff No. 5 (autumn–winter 2003)

Editorial: Communist Perspectives *
Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic: Whither the World
Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic: To Work or Not to work? Is that the Question?
Class, War and the New World Order: Part II *
Wildcat: War Against the Oil Proletariat [German]
Inspiring Ground to the Revolutionary Theory: A Review of the New Book by Kämpa tillsammans! *

riff-raff No. 6 (summer 2004)

Past Decline and Beyond: An Introduction *
Aufheben: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? Preface to the Swedish Translation 2004
Aufheben: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? Part I
Aufheben: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? Part II
Aufheben: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? Part III
Karl Korsch: About Some Principle Conditions for a Materialist Discussion on the Theory of Crisis
Anton Pannekoek: The Theory of the Collapse of Capitalism
The Globalisation of Capital and Class Struggle in a Historical Perspective *
Call Centers and Militant Inquiries: A Discussion *
Marx and Engels on the Russian Question* : Preface to the Second Russian Edition of the Manifesto
Immediate Freedom for the May Day Demonstrators in Iran

Vägrandets dynamik (November 2004)

Editorial Remarks *

I. Communist Perspectives
On the Globalization Movement (June 2002)
Gilles Dauvé: Out of the Future (1997)
Gilles Dauvé: Capitalism and Communism (1972/1997)
Francois Martin: The Class Struggle and its Most Characteristic Aspects in Recent Years (1968)
Gilles Dauvé: Leninism and the Ultra-Left (1969/1997)
Gilles Dauvé: Re-Visiting the East... and Popping in at Marx’s (2002)

II. Movement and Organisation
Gilles Dauvé: When Insurrections Die (1997)
Gilles Dauvé: Letter to Aufheben on “Fascism/Antifascism” (1996)
Gilles Dauvé: Back to the Situationist International (2000)
Gilles Dauvé: Class War in Barcelona (1973)

III. Critique of the Moral Order
Gilles Dauvé: Moral Disorder (June 2003)
Gilles Dauvé: For a World Without Moral Order (1983)
Gilles Dauvé: Letter on Animal Liberation (1999)
Former members of La Banquise: The X-Filers (1999)

IV. Appendix
Gilles Dauvé: Note on Pannekoek and Bordiga (January 1973 / 1997)
Le mouvement communiste: Open Letter to the Conference of Revolutionary Groups To Be Held in Britain in May, 1973 (April 1973)
Gilles Dauvé: Letter on the Use of Violence (1973)
Gilles Dauvé: Foreword to Black & Reds Edition of Eclipse & Re-Emergence of the Communist Movement (1974)
Gilles Dauvé: Preface to the Japanese Edition of no. 1 and no. 2 of Le mouvement communiste (1973)

riff-raff No. 7 (summer 2005)

Critique of Political Organisation: An Introduction *
Wildcat: Reforming the Welfare State for Saving Capitalism: The ‘Guaranteed Income’ and New Reformist Illusions
Democracy as the Community of Capital: A Provisional Critique of Democracy *
Amadeo Bordiga: Seize Power or Seize the Factory?
Giacomo Marramao: Theory of Crisis and the Problem of Constitution
Communism of Attack, And Communism of Withdrawal *
Correspondence between Parts of the riff-raff-collective and Gilles Dauvé *
J. Kellstadt: The Necessity and Impossibility of Anti-Activism
Karl Marx: Critical Notes on the Article ‘The King of Prussia and Social Reform. By a Prussian’

riff-raff No. 8 (autumn 2006)

Introduction *

I. Communist Theory Beyond the Ultra-left
Aufheben: Introduction: The workers’ movement, communism and the ultra-left
Théorie communiste: Background and Perspective
Théorie communiste: Communist theory
Aufheben: Decadence: The theory of decline or the decline of theory (reprise)
Théorie communiste: Aufheben’s ‘Decadence’: A response
Théorie communiste: From ‘Pour en finir avec la critique du travail’
Aufheben: A reply to Théorie communiste
A former member of Aufheben: Introduction to ‘A reply to Aufheben’
Théorie communiste: A reply to Aufheben
Théorie communiste: Normative History and the Communist Essence of the Proletariat
Meeting: Invitation
Gilles Dauvé: Communisation: A ‘Call’ and An ‘Invitation’
Interview with Roland Simon *
Théorie communiste: Self-organisation is the first act of the revolution; it then becomes an obstacle which the revolution has to overcome.
Théorie Communiste / Alcuni fautori della comunizzazione: A fair amount of killing

II. Debate
Communism as refusal and attack. Some notes on ‘Communism of Attack and Communism of Withdrawal’ *
Björkhagengruppen: On the Critique of Political Economy. Critical reflections around ‘Communism of Attack and Communism of Withdrawal’
Attack/Withdrawal *
Chris Wright: Crisis, Constitution and Capital

III. Marx–Engels series
Karl Marx / Friedrich Engels: (Excerpts from) The Holy Family or Critique of Critical Criticism. Against Bruno Bauer and Company
Karl Marx: Letter to Ferdinand Freiligrath in London, 29 February 1860
Karl Marx: Letter to Wilhelm Blos in Hamburg, 10 November 1877

riff-raff No. 9 (spring 2011)

Preface *

Communisation and us
Peter Åström: Crisis and communisation *
Théorie communiste: The communisation perspective

Communisation and contradiction
Tarona: Bolshevism without a party: A revolutionary posture
Bernard Lyon & Roland Simon: Comments on Marcel’s text ‘Communism of attack, and communism of withdrawal’
Peter Åström: When everything goes black, that’s when you turn pale. Re: Dissident 3, the introduction *
Per Henriksson: Marcel Crusoe’s ex-communists in Intermundia. Notes on the discussion about communisation *

Communisation and history
Théorie communiste: Much ado about nothing
Xavier Girrard: Communization and History: Thoughts about the debate
Peter Åström: One step forward but just as far from the goal. Re: Xavier Girrard’s text *

The restructuring of capital
Théorie communiste: Proletariat and Capital: An all-too-short love story?

Sic No. 1 (November 2011)

Leon de Mattis: What is communisation
Peter Åström: Crisis and communisation *
Woland: The historical production of the revolution of the current period
Jeanne Neton & Peter Åström: How one can still put forward demands when no demands can be satisfied *
Rocamadur: The ‘indignados’ movement in Greece
R.S: The present moment
B.L: The suspended step of communisation
Screamin’ Alice: On the periodisation of the capitalist class relation