About riff-raff

This is the old presentation of riff-raff. See the new one.

Riff-raff is a journal in Swedish for a theoretical discussion on communism as a real movement. We are interested in all aspects of the autonomous struggle and organization of the working class, the negation and possible “aufhebung” of capital.

We are inspired by left-communism and operaismo though strive to go beyond these currents by returning to Marx in the search for a new synthesis.

The most of us have a background in the extra-parliamentary left which emerged in the 90’s, but have tried to orient ourselves beyond activism. Riff-raff was started in 2001 as the theoretical organ of the former council socialist organization Folkmakt (“People’s Power”), but has from issue 3–4 and on no longer any organizational affiliations. At that time had, among others, people from the more autonomist inspired communist group Kämpa tillsammans! (“Struggle Together!”) joined the editorial work. The aim of riff-raff today is not to preserve or create any political ideology, rather discuss and contribute to an open, critical and coherent theory of capitalism and its possible “aufhebung”.

For us theory and praxis are two moments of the same social process, of the same dialectical continuum. We are within and against capital and because of this forced to struggle, reflect and theorize over it. We do this for ourselves, as parts of the struggling existence of this very proletariat, i. e. the “real movement”, the “historical movement going on under our very eyes”, but, with this, it is also valid for others in the same situation. We want to inspire others just like we are being inspired.

Theoretical criticism and practical overthrow are … inseparable activities, not in any abstract sense but as a concrete and real alteration of the concrete and real world of bourgeois society
Karl Korsch

We gladly receive texts from others, as well as response that we publish as far as space and relevance admits. We are also thankful for tips on texts from international journals that we can translate, or even better that is already translated (we would be very glad for help with translations from and to English, French, Italian, Farsi, etc.). At last we would appreciate financial support as we (economically and politically) stand and fall with ourselves.

Most of all, perhaps, we would like help with the distribution of the journal. Retailers get 20% discount. Also talk with the librarians at your local library.

Prisoners get riff-raff for free.