January 2002, 69 pp.

No. 1: Same Old Capitalism, Fragile Prosperity? Fragile Social Peace?, Contradictions in the Welfare State, etc.

The characteristics of capitalism and the class composition of today’s Swedish society is outlined in an introduction. Then, Curtis Price has a longer discussion that demystifies the later development of the class struggle in the United States. He focuses on the workers’ own situation, their individual and collective experiences of yet hidden, yet open struggle in what as a whole constitutes the real communist movement. An older article by Cornelius Castoriadis also emphasises the experiences of the individual worker. This issue ends with an article about the recent wave of privatisation in the public sector with the Swedish capital Stockholm as an example, something that indicates a new series of capitalist reorganisation with likewise new conditions for class struggle.

Finally it’s out, the theoretical journal of Folkmakt: riff-raff. Our aim with this journal is to publish longer articles to give our contribution to the discussion on a revolutionary socialist strategy, whose absolute foundation is the independent struggle and organisation of the working class.

Same Old Capitalism: An Introduction
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Curtis Price: Fragile Prosperity? Fragile Social Peace?
Discussions of class struggle can be framed in many ways. For that reason, the results obtained by how the discussion is structured often depend as much on the view point adopted as they do on any conclusions gathered from practical observation or a review of facts.

Cornelius Castoriadis: What Really Matters
In issue number 3 of Pouvoir Ouvrier, a schoolteacher posed the following question: Why don’t workers write? He showed in a profound way how this is due to their total situation in society and also to the nature of the so-called education dispensed by schools in capitalist society. He also mentioned that workers often think their experience ‘isn’t interesting’.

Contradictions in the Welfare State
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