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Communism means the dissolution of the classes and of the wage labour system

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May Day arrives faster than expected. This year, like last year, and all the years as long as we remember, the first of May means for the workers primarily a day without work. But for more and more people it is just another working day, however, in honor of the day, with a modest addition of extra cash for unsocial working hours. But what working hour is not unsocial in capitalist society? Generations of workers have worked and died since May 1st was fist established as the International Workers’ Day in 1890, two years after the US state had executed the so called Haymarket anarchists.

In the bourgeois media they are talking about that ‘Sweden goes well’, that growth beats records, among other empty phrases. But catch a worker in the street and ask him how good things have gotten at work, ask him if there are happier faces at the job centre’s kick-off meetings, if the atmosphere is better in the neighbourhoods or in the schools. The ‘new workers party’, an Orwellian opposite language party, with its base in the segregated suburb Täby, and which has side stepped the stiffened dragon corpse SAP of the old workers movement, was victorious in September’s needle match. The workers leader Persson was forced to retreat to his multi-million plot in Sörmland. He and his wife now have to live on one salary, which indeed correspond to that of ten to twenty ordinary workers’. In his place, his popular, media trained, replacement Mona Sahlin stepped in. Same shit, same smell, but a woman this time, so help us God. The mantra for both our workers parties, is ‘Work brings freedome’. But for all those who have sat down their foot in a warehouse or in some hospital culvert it is well known that to be a productive worker is not a piece of luck, but a misfortune.

On our banners we inscribe Abolition of the wages system!, not a A fair day’s wage (well within, off course, the restraints by the economic straitjacket, which the trade cycle allows) for two, three different jobs in order to make both ends meet.

If we raise our eyes beyond the Swedish horizon, the image looks even worse. War is peace and it becomes all more difficult to distinguish between cop and military. The constant regional wars draws the picture of a global trouble spot where continuously broader layers of people are becoming proletarianised before they are being bombed or starved to death.

On the top of the grand chessboard the pawns are being sacrificed with ever colder cynicm. Iraq has, which we predicted, become a true long-runner, and the number of deaths is increasing every day. The extension of repression is global; the international community intervenes without mittens and is peace keeping by means of force. And the weeper’s appeal for ‘sactions, not bombs’ is every time ‘sactions, and bombs’. Pascificm is the warmonger’s siamese twin, just as democracy and fascism breaths deformed cubs on the arena of history.

But this destructive situation can be changed. When proletarians world wide struggle for their immediate needs, a gap can appear, a qualitative leap be made possible, which can make communism and its possible bringing about – communisation – to an immediate need to satisfy. For us, communism is a real possibility already today. This possibility is created at the point when the contradictionary relation between the proletariat and capital is tending to blow up this very relationship, when the class belonging becomes an evident constraint which the communist movement has to overcome. By attacking the existence of the means of production as capital, we can arrive at this qualitative rupture. The revolution will entail making everything free and even the destruction of some means of production. The factories as separate production units will be abolished, and along with them, the capitalist division of labour. Communism is the production of new relations between people, when production and creativity become their own ends and when individuals establish immediate social relations between themselves. The class war abolishes the classes. The proletariat will not seize the old rulers’ thrown; the Act of Succession will be cut off.

The proletariat is victorious by abolishing capital and itself. Communism means the dissolution of the classes and of the wage labour system. In troth an exciting view of the future!

A couple of communists in Gothemburg, May 1st, 2007
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