April 2009
The riots in Greece
A collection of texts prepared by Théorie communiste

In December 2008, heavy riots of a magnitude not seen in decades swept over Greece. A few months later, the book Les Émeutes en Grèce was published in France. It contains a number of texts written by the two groups TPTG and Blaumachen, based in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as a critical introduction by Théorie communiste. All the texts in the compilation exist in English translation and are accessible from this page.

A few words from the publisher
The riots in Greece, and their echo world wide, are signs that the global capitalist crisis, which first presented itself as a financial crisis, is actually a crisis of the relation of exploitation, a crisis of the mutual implication between the two classes of this mode of production. It is a crisis of the relation which reproduces capital and labour-power through their confrontation with each other. In Greece the crisis has taken for the better part, and as a result of the limits of the riots, the form of a matter of discipline.

While all the measures, counter-measures, plans – in strategic terms, capital’s offensives – filled the horizon, the plumes of smoke from Molotov cocktails in Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Malmö, the sounds of broken glass, in Gent, Paris, London, stones thrown at cops everywhere, have erected a screen between the unsurpassable horizon of capitalism and the terrifying present of this crisis. Three months after the collapse of global stock exchanges, three years after the riots in the French suburbs, the wildfires of young proletarians of the world remind us that the class war is very much ongoing.

Table of contents

Théorie communiste, The Glass Floor
TPTG & Blaumachen, An updated short presentation of the recent riots in Athens and Thessaloniki
TPTG, The Permanent Crisis in Education: On Some Recent Struggles in Greece
Blaumachen, Occupation, not democracy! Greek student leaflet, 2006
Movements for the generalisation of revolt, Nothing will ever be the same
TPTG & Blaumachen, Like a winter with a thousand Decembers

Book facts

Published by: Senonevero
Date of release: April 2009
Number of pages: 140
ISSBN: 978-2-9516460-6-3

More texts in English

More texts by Théorie communiste, Blaumachen and TPTG can be found on the following websites: theoriecommuniste.org, blaumachen.gr, libcom.org.